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Renew your vehicle licence online with our quick and easy service, and skip the queues.

The below information will provide you with all the information you need to know in order to process your vehicle licence renewal with us.

Approximate time

An application is simple and takes around 5 minutes to complete. We then take between 5-12 business days to deliver your new licence disc if your application is successful.

Submission criteria

At this time, we only assist with Gauteng Province and City of Cape Town (metro only) applications. 

You’ll need the following info and documentation:

Individuals: An image of your licence disc, an ID copy, proof of address.

Companies: The above, plus a Registration Number Certificate and permission letter (Cape Town only).

Potential blockers

Unfortunately, we can’t assist if your vehicle’s tare weight exceeds 3500kg, or if your licence is more than 12 months expired.

Any unlicenced vehicles blocking your disc may result in delays. Vehicles registered in another province may block a successful application. Any outstanding traffic fine, warrants or AARTO penalties will need to be paid before an application can be processed.

Pricing and fees

The amount that you are quoted is an estimate only. Fees are calculated at the time that your application is processed by the licencing department and not on the date that you make the payment to payCity.

While we try and calculate the fees as accurately as possible, these might change when the licence is processed.

Any additional fees that are due will need to paid before we deliver your disc. We only charge the actual license fee paid to the licensing authority.  Should the amount quoted exceed the actual licence fee a credit will be issued.