What is Pothole Protect?

Pothole Protect is brought to you by Road Protect and has been set up to serve the need around the increasing pothole problem on our roads by alleviating the financial burden to drivers. Pothole Protect assists members in recovering 100% of the money that they have paid out as a result of pothole damages to their tyres and vehicle.

The benefits you receive as a Pothole Protect member are:

• Complete management of the claims process from start to finish with the relevant   Road Authorities
• Quick and effective service without any fuss or inconvenience
• Free assistance with quotes for replacement tyres and access to preferred rates
• Proactive follow-ups to make sure potholes are repaired
• Negotiated discounts on tyre related products from Tiger Wheel & Tyre

How do I submit a claim?

In order to submit a claim, please download the claim form and complete all information as accurately as possible. Once completed forms can be faxed to 086 500 2217 or emailed to contactus@roadprotect.co.za.

Link to Download PDF here

What is the maximum amount a client can claim for?

There is no limit to what a client can claim for – we will attempt to recover the full portion and for however many tyres are damaged.

Is there any excess payable?

No there is no excess payable.

What is the discount on tyres a member will get from Tiger Wheel and Tyre?

Is it 5% on tyres and accessories and up to 25% off on services such as balancing and alignment.

What supporting documentation is required?

  • ·         Your ID Document;

  • ·         Your Drivers License ;

  • ·         The Registration Details of your Vehicle;

  • ·         3 Written quotes for repair and Final invoice

  • ·         A Declaration signed by you confirming that you are not claiming from your Insurance Company and that the information is true.

  • ·         If the vehicle is insured, a letter from the Insurance Company stating that the damage was not claimed from them

  • ·         If the vehicle is not insured, a sworn affidavit stating that there is no insurance cover on the tyre  damage.

How long does a member have to report a claim?

5 working days.

For general enquiries contact Road Protect on 086 100 1008