www.payCity.co.za offers you the ability to order your vehicle licence disc online.  We currently offer this service in the following areas only:

    * Gauteng

We do plan to expand into other areas.  Should you think there is a demand for this in your area, please drop us a line and let us know where we should target next.  The process to order your licence disc online is simple but encompasses a number of steps that need to be taken.

  1. Firstly, you need to register for the service.  (You only need to do this once).  Select "My Services" on the menu and then select the section that is named "Renew my car licence disc".  You will now be presented with a number of fields to fill in.  These are the fields that give us information about your default vehicle.  (When you order, you can change these details on the order form, so use your current vehicle for starters).  We also need to know what address to courier the licence disc to.  It is important that you select the provincial area that you live in, so that the instruction can be directed to the correct place.  Your contact number is needed so that we can call you if there are any additional details that you need to provide.  Once you have registered, you can click on the "Apply Changes" on the bottom of the form.
  2. Now that you have registered, you can place your order by clicking on the "Licence Disc Service icon" on the menu.  You will be presented with a screen, click on "Renewal Request". This is where you place your order.  You can place multiple vehicle request per order.
  3. Once you are in the renewal request screen, the default car details that you filled in during the service registration process (step 1) will be presented to you.  You can change these details here, should you want to request a different vehicle licence disc to be renewed.  Make sure that the province is correct.  If you received your renewal notice in the post, then you have received the MVL2 form.  If you do not have the MVL2 form, then you will need to download the ALV form (by first clicking ‘No” to the question, and then downloading the form from our website and filling it in).  You only need to complete the first page of the ALV form to send to us.  Either way, you need to scan in either the MLV2 form or the ALV form (that you filled in) and upload it via the 'browse" button.  You will also need to upload a scanned copy of your SA ID document to complete the process. If you need to upload any supporting documents (we will contact you should this be required), you can upload it all here as well, but this feature is not required for most people.  You then click "Submit Renewal Request"
  4. We take the information that you have entered and look up the cost of the licence renewal.  We do this by contacting the authorities. You will then get an email back with the price,and should you want to continue, you will need to go back to the site and do the credit card transaction.  You do this by going to the "Licence Disc Transaction History" (Licence Disc Service -> Licence Disc Transaction History).  Here you will see a total history of all your licence disc transactions, including ones that are not yet complete.  Click on the "blue icon" to view your transaction and to add it to the basket to pay.
  5. Once you have paid, you will get a receipt and we will begin handling the process.  Once the process is complete, you will receive another email with a weigh bill number (for tracking purposes) and will receive your disc within a few days. Please note that should there be some extra payment required (such as you have outstanding fines), we will pay the extra amount.  You will then get a further email to go back to the system and pay the extra amount via credit card, before we ship the licence to you. This happens from time to time, and is totally above board.  You can always contact us on 087 2377-011 if you have any concerns.

And that is it.  Happy motoring…..

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