Cell Phone Contracts

How does it work?
  • Contracts are discounted by up to 50% on payCity and you receive the full airtime monthly for 24 months
  • Pay the discounted contract amount upfront
  • A SIM card will get delivered to you within 3 working days
  • Upon receiving the SIM card, you will have to activate it which is a simple click of a button on payCity (activation takes between 24 to 48 hours)
  • Once your SIM card has been activated, you will receive a confirmation SMS and your SIM card will be ready to use with your airtime already loaded
Does the contract come with a free cell phone?
  • No. The contract comes with only a SIM card that gets loaded with airtime monthly for 24 months
Can I use my current number for this contract?
  • No. All contracts are loaded on a new number
Can I buy more than one contract?
  • Yes. You can buy as many contracts as you want
Can I buy a contract for someone else?
  • Yes. You will have to fill in their details when buying the contract and submit a copy of their ID
How do I RICA the SIM card?
  • Simply upload a copy of your ID on payCity and we will take care of the rest
The SIM card I received doesnt fit into my phone, what must I do?
  • Continue witht the activation process, once your SIM card is active you can take it to your service provider for a SIM swap to get the correct size
I did not receive my airtime for this month, what must I do?
  • Notify our helpdesk and they will escalate it to your network provider
I lost my SIM card, how do I get another one?
  • Go to your network provider and do a SIM swap
What do I do if my airtime runs out during the month?
  • You will still be able to receive calls and SMS however if you want to make a call or send an SMS then you will have to buy prepaid airtime and recharge as you would recharge a normal prepaid account

Prepaid Airtime

I am trying to buy airtime but I cant see the option to pay using credit card
  • You will only be able to buy airtime using SID on payCity
I am buying airtime prepaid airtime for a landline but the system is asking for a mobile number
  • You can capture your mobile number if you would like us to send you the voucher pin via SMS, alternatively you can leave it blank and we will only send your voucher pin via email
I bought prepaid airtime but I dont need it anymore, can I reverse the transaction?
  • No. Once your airtime transaction has been processed it cannot be reversed
I bought prepaid airtime from payCity but when I try to load the voucher on my phone it gives me an error, what must I do?
  • Please contact your network provider
I bought prepaid airtime from payCity, how do I load it onto my phone?
  • Follow the instructions below, on the cellphone or landline you wish to recharge. Note VOUCHER PIN is printed on your email receipt and it was also sent to you via SMS if you provided us with your mobile number
  • Cell C: *102*VOUCHER PIN#
  • MTN: *141*VOUCHER PIN#
  • Virgin Mobile:*102*VOUCHER PIN#
  • Vodacom: *100*01*VOUCHER PIN#
  • 8ta: *188*VOUCHER PIN#
  • Telkom: dial #55 from a Telkom phone and follow the voice prompts
  • Neotel: dial 241 from Neotel phone and follow the voice prompts
  • Worldcall

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