What is SID (Secure Instant Deposit)?

We've found a safe and speedy way for you to pay via Internet transferSID (Secure Instant Deposit) is an assisted EFT (electronic funds transfer) which allows you to make payments directly to payCity.co.za using your existing Internet banking account. Don't panic if you've never used it before it's easy. To start off with you'll be asked to run the application(or alternatively you can use the browser option). You'll then be directed to your chosen bank site where you can logon to make a payment (You can use Nedbank, ABSA, Standard Bank and First National Bank.) payCity's banking details will be shown on the payments page in the correct fields.  Once you have completed the payment you will receive your receipt.  The best part is you don't have to use your credit card.

SID (Secure Instant Deposit) is now compatible for all browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Opera including Windows and non-Windows users (Linux or Macintosh operating systems).  So if you tried this payment process before and failed, please give the updated version of SID another try.

Important pointers:

  • SID is only available for online transactions
  • You cannot use SID when contacting our helpdesk to assist with a purchase. Never provide our staff with your bank account details and pin number
  • SID automatically stores your paycity reference in the payment field. So you don't have to remember a reference number or worry that it is inserted correctly.


Why choose SID?

SID (Secure Instant Deposit) is a great way to shop online if you don’t have a credit card or prefer not to use them.

The great thing about
SID is everything is done within the security of your Internet banking account and you never expose your personal banking information to the merchant or SID.


How does SID work?

  1. Choose to pay with SID (Secure Instant Deposit) wherever you see the SID payment option.
  2. Select your bank and follow the prompts to install the SID application.
  3. SID will guide you through the Once-Off payment process of your existing Internet banking facility.
  4. If you do not wish to or have any problems downloading the application you can select to user the browser version.


Is there any cost for using SID?

There is a small charge that will be charged by your bank for making a SID (Secure Instant Deposit) payment, the same as your bank may apply fees for electronic funds transfers.


Who can use SID?

Anyone who has access to Internet banking from the following banks can use SID (Secure Instant Deposit): ABSA, First National Bank, Nedbank and Standard Bank

SID uses the "Once-off Payment" facility of Internet Banking, so you must have this facility activated with enough money in your bank account to cover the payments you intend to make. The payment amount must also be less than any "Once-off Payment" limits enforced by your Internet Banking facility.


Where can I shop with SID?

The SID (Secure Instant Deposit) payment option can be used on any online site that displays the SID logo

You simply select SID as your payment option; it calls up your regular Internet Banking once-off payment screen and automatically fills in the merchant's payment details and the amount of the purchase. you simply click "Pay" to complete the purchase.


Is SID safe to use?

SID (Secure Instant Deposit) uses the most advanced security features available on the Internet and although SID invokes your Internet banking service, it does not access or store your Internet banking identifier or password. These are entered directly into your Internet banking log on screen using the usual security provided by your bank.

Are my bank account details kept secure?

Your bank account access information such as usernames and passwords are not captured or stored by SID (Secure Instant Deposit) or the merchant website. One time PIN (OTP), Random Verification Number (RVN) or access token provided by your bank is still required.

The payment session occurs directly between your PC and your bank in the same way as if you had logged into your bank's Internet banking system separately from any
SID transaction. SID simply automates the process of filling in all of the payment details for you.

SID may store your bank account number for refund purposes. However, no third party can access or operate your Internet banking facilities based on this information, or any other information retained by SID.


My bank's terms and conditions say that I am not allowed to disclose my password to any other third party.
Can I still use

Yes. With SID (Secure Instant Deposit) you are logging into your bank's Internet banking website directly therefore not disclosing your password to a third party.


Can I make multiple payments in the same day, with same values for different payCity.co.za transactions using SID?

There are restrictions on multiple payments, these are not set by SID but could be security measures set by your internet facility. In most cases it is possible to pay payCity.co.za by internet banking for more than one transaction with the same value (price) because they are identified by different booking references. This however may differ from one bank to another. i.e A bank could pick this up as a duplicate payment and will not permit these transactions as a security measure for their customers.

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