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Thank you for coming to our Prepaid Electrcity website. We are in the process of introducing a new website to the public, and we would prefer that you register with this website instead. The site is called and it covers a number of new features that we think you would love. Following on the success of and, we're delighted to announce the launch of For 'connected citizens', has been designed with You, the consumer, in mind and its goals are to provide a quick, safe, secure and easy way to pay for local authority related bills. This new site now covers both these services in one easy to use interface. We would really like you to try it out.

- has been enhanced to cater for individuals and fleet proxies.
- Option to receive an email or SMS when we notice you have a new fine.
- SMS service to check your outstanding fine summary.
- Link to eNatis, as they roll out AARTO across the country,
we can accommodate these infringements as well.

- Vehicle Licence Disc gets renewed and hand couriered within seven working days.
- Reminders when your licence is due.
- Areas currently covered: City of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Tshwane and Ethekweni local authorities.

- You can still purchase on the Web or via SMS.
- SMS procedure has changed slightly in order to provide more security for you. Please check or call our help desk for details.
- Areas serviced: Overstrand, Bitou and City of Cape Town (including Tygerberg, Oostenberg and Helderberg)
- Coming soon: City Power in Johannesburg, Ekurhuleni, Polokwane and Eskom
- It will still cost you the same as if you bought the token from the local vendor.

The same help desk that gave you great service in the past with any queries that you have about or will also deal with any queries that you may have with the new site. As always, they can be contacted on 086 1717-111.

Forthcoming services that will further eliminate queuing include Local Rates and Taxes bills, TV licence renewal, retail bill payments (such as an Edgars account), medical bills not covered by the Medical Aids and Telkom/Neotel bills.

Why not try the site out for yourself and let us know what you think? Use our feedback feature to tell us what other services you would like us to add.

We'd love to hear your views.

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